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Attaches great importance to science and technology

We are well aware of the importance of science and technology, we determine the creation of declaration, most applications such as universities and research institutes of excellent research results into products and goods ". In addition, we also introduce advanced technology at home and abroad.

Let every man do his best

In order to give full play to the enthusiasm and initiative of scientific and technological personnel, we allow and encourage science and technology personnel according to their interests, hobbies and expertise, "music" to apply for various projects, allowing them to flow freely between company departments, departments, each department leader shall not be stopped.We believe that a person is in one place, will be as successful, overconfidence and loss of creativity, and the uneasy with the status quo, not conformity, who dares to jumped in each department, the most creative spirit, can stimulate the competition, strengthening the vitality of talent team, they developed many new products are.This kind of flexible personnel mechanism, make a lot of young scientific and technological personnel, or the company's important position.

Continuous innovation

Innovation is the important content of our corporate culture.Our science and technology, management, marketing and so on, do not blindly follow others never behind others."" it is our general practice could usefully, of forefathers of hair not hair, the source of graduates" no q, not to say, write "recruitment methods, with an objective and fair evaluation of the applicant, recruiting talents all over the world, enhance the vitality of enterprises.

To love and honor each other respect each other

We all alike, every employee, respect each other, respect each other.Time to work, everyone is wearing the same jacket for Chinese fir, in all restaurant dining together, like a harmonious family.