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Music Message Board for gift

2014-10-13 14:13:39
Music Message Board for gift

Music Message Board for

Music Message Board for gift

Music Message Board for

Industry status quo
In recent years, the promotion present gradually become the focus of hot concepts.With company logo or promotional language of gifts is an effective way of enterprises enhance brand awareness.Due to promotional gifts to be often with the product, should be with the product or the distinctive characteristics of the enterprise, which is usually for OEM production.Supplier after clear the demand of the buyer, on-demand production products.
Gift recommend
1. Do promotions must first select promotional gifts, choose a good promotion present requirement is the target audience likes, novel and special products, to meet the target audience of the in the mind, has practical value, take back and not lose.

2. Can bring convenience to the life of the target audience or family, this company product storage or eat helpful gift, but the price is cheap, and to satisfy the content with rare for expensive, intensified purchasing psychology of the target audience

The practicability of music message board



 Answering the phone use bluetooth

LED light

 7 clors LED,Change with rhyhm and the weather


 Sync with cellphone


Syne with cellphone
Alarm Clock

Set with cellphone

Can print any color logo on the board

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