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Congratulations to my company's trademark ace Aistech registered successfully

2014/10/14      view:

 Company trademark "爱思泰克 Aistech recently obtained" issued by the state administration for industry and commerce trademark office registered trademark certificate, use the trademark approved goods for 38 classes, mainly covers communication services
Trademark registration, the company for many years, adhere to strict according to product quality management system to control the product quality, adhere to strengthen enterprise brand, make the enterprise market image of crystallization;Is the result of the company's employees work together.Certificate of trademark registration shall be made at the same time, in the warm congratulations on company employees is determined to take this opportunity to try to make more efforts to maintain the product brand image.


    The success of the trademark application is an important milestone of the company brand construction, marks the company on the road of brand development, services within the scope permitted by the nation with the exclusive use of a trademark.Every business with my company the same services of other units and individuals to use the same or similar trademark will constitute an infringement of our trademark, we can in accordance with the law to stop the infringement, and shall have the right to demand compensation for losses.