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    Smart Patrol

    2019/3/16      view:

    Careful citizens will find that the police officers on the road patrol are fully equipped with all kinds of equipment. What is all this equipment? What's the difference? Recently, the reporter interviewed the traffic police detachment learned that these basic equipment is the patrol police "standard match", in the police patrol and duty play a crucial role, which belt slung on the commonly known as "eight pieces", including telescopic baton, tear gas, walkie-talkie, handcuffs, revolver and other equipment.

    In addition, patrolmen are usually equipped with hand-held pdas (palm pilots) and law enforcement recorders slung in front of their shoulders. Since the requirements of different police types and regions are different, "eight pieces" also have their own characteristics and differences.

    Diagram the patrolman's kit

    Law enforcement recorder: video recording for 10 hours. Law enforcement recorder can realize recording, video recording, photography and other functions, to collect fixed evidence, restore the truth of the event and other functions, but also to the traffic police law enforcement officers to supervise the law enforcement activities. This law enforcement recorder currently worn by guangzhou traffic police has powerful functions and wide Angle lens design. Wearing in front of the right shoulder, it can record the front sight without dead Angle, and its endurance can reach 10 hours. In order to cooperate with law enforcement at night and under complicated circumstances, the recorder is also equipped with multiple infrared lights. After being turned on, the recorder can clearly distinguish the facial features of characters over 9 meters and the physical features of characters over 16 meters. The law enforcement recorder also has a small display on the back that plays back just recorded video.

    Handgun: the most lethal equipment in "eight pieces", you can't use it casually unless you have to. The police are required to wear pistols when they are on duty. At present, the police are more equipped with type 64 pistols and less equipped with revolvers. This revolver is a domestic 9mm pistol made in 2005. In the magazine of the police, there are two kinds of bullets which can be fired, 6 shots each, one is a 9mm pistol, the other is a rubber bullet.

    Tear: folk known as "pepper spray," look a bit like ordinary citizens with spraying potions, size just one hand can grasp, in case of emergency, if with his bare hands to stop the criminals, the police will consider using the tear, by the range of 3 m to 5 m jet its face, tear drops of liquid can let criminals eyes buoyed by high strength, thus "crying", losing the ability to rebel.

    Breathalyzer: breathalyzer is used to measure the amount of alcohol in the driver's body during the road inspection to determine whether the driver is drunk or not.

    Bulletproof vest and stab-proof vest: can protect the patrolmen's personal safety in dangerous situations.

    "Eight pieces" : the total weight is no more than 10kg, which is uniformly placed on a tactical belt about 5cm thick. The tactical belt has good bearing capacity, and the load does not bend or deform. The left side is equipped with non-lethal equipment and the right side is equipped with guns and other lethal equipment. Metal or hard objects are not placed at the waist to protect the lumbar spine. Therefore, the back of the belt is usually equipped with work bags, kettle covers and handcuffs.

    PDA: PDA is a tool for traffic police to issue vouchers, except the owner is not on the scene when "copying", need to write to inform the book, before all the handwritten list can be used PDA operation, including the car, notice, quarantine procedures, and once entered, upload terminal database, can not be modified.